Wealth Management

SkyOak Wealth's Registered Investment Advisors provide the following services:

Investment management
Financial planning
Financial consultation services

As Wealth Management Advisors we provide a large array of investment and planning solutions for individuals, families, corporations, endowments & foundations. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Financial Goal Setting
  • Financial Independence Analysis
  • Current & Future Income Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Retirement Plan Consolidation and/or Analysis
  • Self-Directed IRA services
  • Strategic Asset Allocation
  • Selection and Management of Securities and Investments
  • Active Asset Management
  • Incorporating Insurance-based Solutions such as Annuities, Life Insurance & Long Term Care Insurance when appropriate
  • Monitoring of investment Portfolios & Overall Investment Allocation, Income, and Goals
  • Analysis & Implementation of Corporate Retirement Plans and other Employee Compensation Plans
  • Providing written Investment Policy Statements
  • Succession and Estate Planning
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Investment Management Services

The Investment Management Services we provide are customized based on your financial circumstances, current & future income needs, and investment objectives. Our Wealth Management team will meet with you to discuss your current financial condition and investment holdings. Based on your circumstances and financial goals & needs, we determine the appropriate investment strategy and asset allocation for your investment portfolio. SkyOak generally requires clients who want active investment management to place a minimum of $250,000 under management with the Firm.  For clients that want financial planning & consulting only, there is not a minimum asset size required but a set planning fee. Multiple client accounts can be aggregated to meet this minimum. In its sole discretion, SkyOak may waive or alter the minimum account size requirement under certain circumstances.

New Client – Advisor Relationship

In building a new client relationship, our SkyOak Advisors will follow a five-step process:

  1. Initial Client Interview: Our first meeting is designed to provide us with a historical framework related to your current and future investments & financial goals. We also spend time, to understand your investment risk tolerance as well as past experience and understanding of investments and financial services. During this meeting, we want to make sure we are a good fit for you. Not just in a financial advisor, but a life advisor.
  2. Contractual Agreement & Data Gathering: If there is a mutual commitment to work in a client-advisor relationship, we will contractually agree to perform either Financial Planning and /or Investment Management Services at an agreed upon fee. We will then request certain documents and information from you and/or your other professional advisors.  This will include but not be limited to current investment, retirement and bank account statements, cost basis information, real estate holdings, current income documents, tax returns, revocable and irrevocable trusts, and insurance policies.
  3. Review of Financial Data, Client Profile, and Objectives: We will assess your current financial status, cash & current income needs, future cash & income needs, risk tolerance, experience, and objectives. Using our experience and knowledge with the large array of services, products, and solutions that we offer and have access to, we will propose a customized investment strategy and/or financial plan.
  4. Discussion of Recommendations and Investment Plan: We will schedule a second meeting with you to discuss our recommendations and provide you a written investment plan or financial plan, if applicable. The length of time for this meeting will be dependent on complexity.
  5. Implementation of Investment Strategy, Portfolio Design, and Plan: If agreed on by the Parties, we will implement the investment strategy and investment plan. If there is additional research to complete, we will initialize the first steps. Then we will schedule additional meetings or calls to address the other pending items. Our team also provides a transparent analysis of any fees that you will be charged by SkyOak. Further, we will analyze other fees you may encounter from transitioning to our firm also.
Investment Management Service Fee Agreement

Under SkyOak’s Investment Management Service Fee Agreement, our Advisors will provide the following services on an ongoing basis:

SkyOak Wealth maintains a flexible fee schedule.  There are many variables that go into establishing an equitable fee arrangement and SkyOak strives to be both fair and competitive in this regard. Our fee will depend upon the scope of work and level of engagement.  After consultation and assessment, SkyOak will provide you with a proposed fee level that is most often expressed in basis points (a percentage of your assets under management or advisement).  We also enter into fixed fee arrangement in some instances.

Some of the factors used in determining our fee include: