Our Philosophy and Process

In today’s retirement landscape, the reliance on social security and/or pensions as a primary source of income for retirees is a thing of the past and the responsibilities have shifted from the government and large corporations to the responsibility of the employees themselves.  

Offering a high-quality and accessible retirement plan to employees is a big decision on the part of today’s employers as these benefits are necessary to attract and retain a competitive workforce. At the same time, it can seem like an overwhelming task to undertake as the complexity and regulatory requirements stack up. All of this requires you choose a firm who specializes in corporate retirement plans. A firm you trust has your best interests in mind and in practice.

SkyOak Wealth is an independent firm, who always puts our clients’ best interests above all else. While we have working relationships with many of the top retirement plan service providers and mutual fund companies, we hold no affiliations or obligations to them and we focus solely on delivering unbiased advice and custom solutions for each plan sponsor we work with.  We start with integrity and in an environment free from any revenue sharing or other potential conflicts of interest.

Our goal is to help employers create a more secure retirement for their employees by arming them with the knowledge, confidence, and resources they will need in order to offer their workforce an attractive and competitive retirement plan. As part of our service offering, we provide thorough and insightful consultation to employers. It is crucial we spend some time getting to learn about know your business, it’s culture, operational functions, and strategic priorities. It is also equally important to educate plan sponsors in understanding their roles and responsibilities as a retirement plan fiduciary, including the standards of which they must uphold to comply with the ever-changing regulatory landscape of Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and Department Of Labor (DOL).

Our services are comprehensive and we walk both employer and employee through the process, each step along the way.
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