Business Continuity Plan

This policy outlines SkyOak’s immediate and long-term contingency planning and recovery process. The purpose of this Business Continuity Plan (“BCP”) or Contingency and Disaster Recovery Plan is to provide specific guidelines for SkyOak to follow in the event of a failure of any critical business capability. Disaster Recovery relates to SkyOak’s ability to resume normal business activities following a disaster. Disasters can come from outside sources, such as terrorist activities and weather-related events, or from personal events such as the death or disability of a key person.

SkyOak has a Business Continuity Plan in place which will be implemented in the event of significant business disruption. SkyOak's recovery time from a significant disruption in business will depend on the severity and significance of the event. SkyOak has access to functional, offsite facilities from which it can reasonably operate during such a disruption. In the event of a catastrophic failure on a scale up to and including a citywide disruption, SkyOak will continue business operations from these offsite facilities. The ability of clients to contact SkyOak via phone will not be compromised during the offsite interval. SkyOak maintains relationships with various custodians. In the case of a regional catastrophic event, including but not limited to a natural disaster, terrorist attack, or other severe failure where SkyOak can no longer conduct business, the custodians will provide the appropriate support to ensure business continuity. SkyOak stores all critical data in the cloud using Microsoft 365 and its other third party service providers described in more detail in the Business Continuity Plan.