Retirement Fees & Pricing

For retirement plan services, we charge an annual fee based on the assets in the retirement plan.  The industry generally sees most plans are assessed fees that vary greatly, but most fall within the 0.25% (25 basis points) to 1.00% (100 basis points) range for investment fiduciary and advisory services. We strive to establish fair and competitive fee arrangements for each client after we understand what specific needs are required and we revisit fee structures as deemed necessary during annual plan reviews.

As with all other accounts at SkyOak Wealth, fee transparency is a priority for our clients as well as our team. We seek to avoid any perceived conflict of interest and do not collect commissions, share revenue or any other kickbacks from product vendors. This will always be solely an annual fee-based arrangement, which means we charge a percentage point based (basis point) fee set at a competitive level and is determined on a plan-by-plan basis taking into account the following:

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