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Michael Ashker

Integrator of Growth and Development
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Michael’s career includes experiences as founding CEO with several companies backed by institutional investors. His investment industry experience spans over 20 years, having served in various positions ranging from retail client-facing advisor/financial consultant to CEO of an RIA to fintech entrepreneur. 

Michael’s vision is to continue to integrate technology into the advisor-client experience, and thereby provide clients with the best quality investment and financial life planning advice available. While he served as CEO of Wealthcare Capital (owner of Financeware) and as the Founder and CEO of Blackfish Financial, a digital advisor startup company, Michael’s passion is to enhance and advance the human elements of the advisory experience through empowering advisors with better tools and technologies.

Michael lives in Northern California with his wife Kathi and travels to SkyOak offices on a regular basis. He enjoys family time, playing guitar and piano, golf, travel, walking, running, biking, hiking, and yoga.

Michael Ashker

Music. I play guitar and piano. Reading as well as studying financial markets. Watching documentaries. I’m big on fitness. Jogging, walking, biking and yoga. My sports are golf, standup paddle boarding and skiing.


To build an advisory firm that combines human advice with technologically advanced delivery that empowers clients to succeed on their path to achieving their financial life goals.

Favorite Things: 

Building and developing great businesses. Quiet time and meditation. Interacting with smart, committed and accomplished people. Family time.

What I do best:

Think out of box. Develop ideas. Apply discipline in all areas of my life.

Little Known Fact About Me:

I grew up in Dearborn, Michigan and befriended Evangeline Dahlinger when I was a very young man (she was Henry Ford’s personal secretary – “the” Henry Ford). I worked for Mrs. D (as I called her) doing odd jobs around her 150-acre estate. She was like a second parent to me. An amazing renaissance woman and was an influencer in my life.