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Become a SkyOak Wealth Advisor and Business Partner.

If most of these apply, please give us a call.

If you’re interested in taking your practice to the next level
If you’re feeling stuck but have a desire to grow
If you’d be interested in being a true partner advisor and equity owner
If you are committed to integrating best-of-breed technologies in your practice
If you’re trying to perfect your workflows and processes
If you’re interested in working smarter as opposed to just working harder
If you’re at a point in your career where you're looking to ease into an optimal succession plan
Contact Michael Ashker via email at, or via call or text (916) 213-7381
We are looking for advisors who are 100% committed to the pursuit of excellence and whose views align with the philosophical foundation of our firm. If you’re looking to join a growing team of like-minded advisors who are committed to a continually evolving our best-practices advisory model, we invite you to consider SkyOak Wealth.

SkyOak Wealth Advisors Must:

Have a desire to act as fiduciaries for all clients and all account types
Be fee-based advisors only (as we take no transaction-based fees)
Hold themselves to the highest level of integrity in their personal and professional lives
Constantly strive to be better
Are interested and committed to the integration of goals-based financial planning 
SkyOak Mission For Our Advisors

To build, support and continually evolve our advisory platform, so it more deeply connects and aligns advisors with their clients in the pursuit of their financial life goals.

Our Core Values
We operate SkyOak Wealth by assessing each and every action or decision through the lens of our core values: We embrace technological innovation to the betterment of our clients and advisors.

SkyOak Has a Highly Evolved Advisor Engagement Platform:

Access to the Best Infrastructure Tools and Support Services for Growing Your Practice: