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Jeremy S. Brandt

Managing Partner  |  Private Wealth Advisor  |  Deputy Compliance Officer
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Jeremy has over 12 years of financial services experience and serves as Private Wealth Advisor and Managing Partner of SkyOak Wealth. Jeremy specializes in portfolio development & management, and comprehensive financial planning. Jeremy is the Deputy Compliance Officer and plays an integral role in the Strategy, Technology, and Investment committees for the firm.

Jeremy and his wife Jessica have been married since 2010 and reside in Bloomfield Hills, MI. His single greatest passion is acting in the role of father to his two children Marlie and Parker, never missing an activity, recital, or sporting event. Jeremy enjoys reading, coaching youth athletics, and learning about other cultures through travel and food. In 2008, Jeremy received the first ever Vanguard Award, an honor given by the Detroit Young Professionals for outstanding achievement in leadership, community service, and Innovation. In 2009, Jeremy was honored as Coach of the Year by the NBA cares program, an award given to just 32 youth coaches among nearly 83,000 nominees from across the globe. Jeremy is a proud member of the Anti-Defamation League’s Glass Leadership Institute, class of 2011.  

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Jeremy Brandt

Reading, Athletics (playing/coaching/watching), Traveling, Learning about other cultures.


Personally, I aspire to be a great husband and father and to provide my family with a life of opportunity and happiness. I’d also like to get my golf handicap down to a single digit. Finally, I hope to one day be an author and help my father with his project to write his novel. Professionally, I thrive on helping my clients exceed their financial goals. It’s my goal to help SkyOak Wealth become recognized globally as one of the world’s top Advisory firms. 

Favorite Things: 

There is no greater joy than watching my children learn, grow, and enjoy their childhood. I love to root for my local professional and collegiate sports teams. I am an avid reader (so ask me for a good book recommendation). I am enthusiastic about learning about other cultures and the world beyond my horizon.

What I do best:

I am a storyteller. I love to teach and coach. I love people, to people watch, and to connect with others.

Little Known Fact About Me:

The very first stock I bought was Topps Inc. in 1988. When other kids in school would read comics, I would read (and re-read) the 1987 Topps Inc. Annual Report. Also, I can throw a blueberry 25+ feet in the air and catch it with my mouth.