Investment Philosophy

At SkyOak, we believe in a personalized approach to portfolio construction and management.

While other firms move to a one-size-fits all automated methodology, SkyOak looks to align our clients’ investments with the more personal aspects of their financial life plan. Our mission is to help each of our clients visualize and define their financial aspirations and then we customize an asset allocation model that fits with their goals and objectives. This goals-based process is crucial to our success in helping clients reach and ultimately exceed their financial aspirations. Our industry is filled with a wide range of investment strategies and all sorts of different techniques and methodologies. Some of them have have periods of success, but also times where they underperform. Rather than adhering dogmatically to a particular style, our team of investment professionals analyze a range of investment strategies and utilize the ones we believe are most timely and efficient given the economic environment. You wouldn’t wear the same clothes in the summer as you do in the winter and you shouldn’t invest the same way when the economic seasons change from hot to cold or visa-versa. One word to describe our overall investment philosophy is to be agile, where we have the ability to maneuver from strategy to strategy depending on forward looking economic indicators.  

Our investment committee is made up of professionals with over 100 years of combined experience in the financial services industry. We utilize both technical and fundamental analysis, as well as some elements of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help analyze all the various investment options available in any given market environment. Then, we determine the optimal mix to accomplish each client’s objectives.

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