Wealth Management for Athletes & Celebrities

SkyOak’s expertise in both Wealth Management and Family Office Services allows us to provide exceptional customized financial solutions for Elite Athletes and Celebrities.

You worked hard and – while your income may be remarkably high this moment – it is our job to have a plan in place should that income lessen or come to a complete stop.  Protecting and providing for you and your loved ones not only during your career but afterward is our highest priority. Some of the Wealth Management services we provide for celebrities and athletes are as follows:

Free Future Income Analysis

Although there is some overlap, our Family Office Services provides numerous extended benefits and services including:

Investment Management Services

Typically, this will be the main reason for setting up a family office, as it is central to ensuring wealth preservation. These services will include:

Philanthropic Management

An increasingly important part of the role of a family office is managing its philanthropic efforts. This will include the establishment and management of a foundation, and advice on donating to charitable causes. These services would typically involve:

Life Management and Budgeting

Some of these services are typically defined as “concierge” in nature, but they are broader in scope, inasmuch as they also include budgeting services. Services under this heading will include:

Business and financial advisory

Beyond the asset management advisory, we also, as your family office, will assist in providing advisory services on financing and business promotion. These will include:

Estate and Wealth Transfer

As your family office, we will be involved in business succession and legacy planning along with your legal team, enabling the transfer of wealth to the next generation. These services will include:

Training and Education

Much of this revolves around the education of the next generation on issues such as wealth management and financial literacy, as well as wider economic matters. These services will include:

Reporting and Record Keeping

The maintenance of records and ensuring there is a strong reporting culture is another core part of a family office’s services. Key to these services is:

Administrative Services, or Back-Office Services

These are essential to the smooth running of a family office. These services will include:

Succession Planning

Ensuring a smooth succession and planning for future generations is integral to the long-term viability of your family. These services will include: