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June Lee McReynolds

Wealth Advisor  |  401K Specialist
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June first entered the financial advisory world at the age of 16 when she was hired as a clerk for a local independent Registered Investment Advisor. She has over 13 years of experience in business development, marketing and brand strategy in financial services, sales and Information technology. In 2012 June formed an independent Registered Investment Advisor firm in Medford with 2 partners. She has since sold her share and joined the SkyOak team. 

Besides providing a high level of advisory services to individual and families, June’s area of expertise is in designing, implementing and managing corporate retirement plans. Depending on the situation, she and her team will consult, educate, and recommend the best plan(s) and platform for the company. SkyOak can be engaged as a 3(21) non- discretionary or 3(38) discretionary fiduciary advisor. June collaborates with other providers such as record-keepers and third-party administrators to be able to provide a large line up of services and expertise.  

She is a native of Southern Oregon and after exploring life in other states, moved back home to Medford in 2005. She and her husband Tim have s daughter, River and a son, Roman. In her spare time, she and Tim enjoy travel and camping.

June Lee McReynolds

Spending time with my family is truly my heaven.  I am certainly having the most fun when my daughter and I get to do some craft time or when I am working in the garden late on a summer night with my husband.


All I wanted out of a career was to find a way to make friends and help people and I feel that I have truly found that in this line of work. I am truly people feel more confident about their financial health and wellness and I am helping them paddle their boat through this life. Giving people the tools and educating them to true understanding helps them to appreciate my value in their lives and it makes the journey to whatever end we are aiming for a beautiful one. In my personal life I aspire and aim to be the best wife to my husband, the most awesome mom to my children, to make my mom proud and to love myself.

Favorite Things: 

Sharing a late night bowl of cereal with my husband Tim after the kids have gone to bed. I live for family time and to garden on our farm and show my daughter the things that were taught to me by my parents. My worst guilty pleasure which I do not indulge in very often at all is eating Cheetos in the bath tub with a glass of wine. Trust me, it’s heavenly.  

What I do best:

Problem solving and strategic coordination to finding solutions for just about anything. I also am a great resource for connecting people and helping people find professional solutions through my network.

Little Known Fact About Me:

I am country girl at heart. I was raised on a 20 acre ranch out in a small valley in a town with the population of less than 1000. I now live in the house that my parents built in the late 70’s and my children are the 4th generation on my mother’s side to call this little piece of heaven home.