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Jordan Peterson

Wealth Manager
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Jordan was born into a family of entrepreneurs. He grew up watching his grandfather persevere through adversity as he built a successful business that started in his garage. Having spent the majority of his life focusing on customer service Jordan developed a love for providing solutions to businesses and individuals. He has transformed that love into specializations in Comprehensive Financial Planning, Estate Planning & Counseling, and Wealth Preservation. He has a personal interest in protecting professional athletes and business owners in their financial decisions.

After graduating with a degree in Finance from the University of Wyoming in 2015 Jordan began working with Edward Jones and attended their Financial Advisor Career Development Program where he received training in financial planning and financial advice. His aspiration to expand his professional knowledge has directed him to a career with the SkyOak family.

Jordan and his wife Brittany have been married since January 2011 and have three children, Colton, 6, Harper, 5, and Hadley, 2. They currently reside in Henderson, Nevada.


Spending time with family and friends, coaching, reading, traveling, fishing, and playing guitar.


To show my family the world, help as many people as possible in many ways including through giving back to the community and educating financially.

Favorite Things: 

Spending time with family, giving to the less fortunate, and spending time in nature, hopefully in the mountains far away from technology.

What I do best:

Solutions based planning and problem solving, public speaking, I am able to learn with ease and share that knowledge.

Little Known Fact About Me:

My wife and I began our relationship while living far away from one another and wrote actual letters to get to know one another better. Even though we spoke on the phone regularly we believe this built a strong base for our relationship. It all started because she sent me a care package after I moved back to Wyoming.