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Joe Hegener

Chief Investment Officer
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Joe is portfolio manager and Chief Investment Officer of SkyOak Wealth. Prior to joining SkyOak, Joe was on a high-discretion fixed income trading desk at PIMCO, where he was entrusted with structuring all trades for $125BB in assets under management across varying strategies, asset classes, and investment guidelines. Prior to PIMCO, Joe worked in portfolio analytics at BlackRock. BlackRock Solutions excels in portfolio management and advisory for BlackRock's key institutional clients (central banks, pension funds, treasuries, insurance companies). He was accredited with the creation of an asset allocation optimization model added to the offering suite as a revenue generator for the firm.  Joe graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Economics. His mission is to bring institutional-quality investment management and practices to SkyOak’s family of advisors and clients.

Joe Hegener

Lacrosse, motorcycles, wakeboarding, skydiving, hiking, traveling


To bring institutional-level performance to retail investors

Favorite Things: 

Non-fiction, biotechnology, Early-American authors, theoretical physics, experiencing foreign cultures & practices

What I do best:

Playing the “devil’s advocate” and contrarian investing

Little Known Fact About Me:

My wife Sarah and I spent our two week honeymoon hiking and traveling through Patagonia